Introducing the

PocketPower Mini-Brochure

Blossom Hill Printing is proud to offer a new marketing product... the PocketPower Mini-Brochure. This handy little mini-brochure is just slightly larger than a standard business card when folded, allowing it to slip easily into a shirt pocket or purse. This convenient portability helps to ensure you're never caught without marketing materials while on-the-go.

The mini-brochure opens up to yield 80 square inches of advertising space. That's almost the same amount of space as a full letter sized flier! All that space can go a long way towards impressing your next impromptu client prospect by giving them extra information about your products and services that a typical business card just can't do.

To learn more about this powerful marketing tool as well as our other product offerings call Dave Faris at 408.264.7500 or send a message via our website.

PocketPower Mini-Brochure Pricing
1000@$19820¢ each
2000@$29715¢ each
3000@$37612.5¢ each
4000@$44011¢ each
5000@$51010¢ each
10000@$7057¢ each
4.25" x 10" folding to 4.25" x 2.5"
Full color both sides on 100lb. gloss text
Sales tax and Graphics not included

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