Mailing Services

Despite all the wonders of the digital age and all the talk of how important an internet presence is, the humble direct mail marketing is still alive and more powerful than ever. You cannot make everyone in a geographic region look at your corporate website or force them to view your new primetime television ad. Sure some will see it, but most will likely never know about your products or services. Direct mail puts the advertising right in their hands so they cannot avoid it. People have to check their mail for their bills right?

So why is it more powerful that it has been in the past you might wonder? The answer is simple... the internet. In the days before the world wide web your mailed advertising piece was a stand alone champion of your business. Only the information on the mailing could be used to help draw in new business. With the advent of the internet we now use integrated marketing tactics. The mailing piece can now be used to grab the prospective client's attention and direct them to a website for more information or maybe even watch the online version of that TV commercial of yours they missed last week. This technique allows the mailing piece to effectively carry much more information than it ever could alone.

Another advantage of mail based marketing is that it can be targeted much more selectively than other marketing avenues. While you can get pretty close to your target market on radio or television by making sure your ad plays on a station and with a program whose viewing (or listening) audience demographics closely matches your intended client pool, it still doesn't come close to how personalized a mail marketing piece can be. Mailing lists can be generated to target exactly those people in a given area who are most likely to buy your products or services. Even to the point of addressing the piece to the principle, homeowner, or buyer by name! We can provide a list that narrows the focus by income, education, industry, and many other factors. Target a specific geographic region by city, specific zip code(s), or even block by block.

We can help you identify your market and get your costs for different mail grades (1st class, non-profit, bulk rate, etc.) that are apropriate for your business and project.

Direct Mail