Graphic Design Services

Our design services are completely in-house. We can handle client supplied files, bring client ideas to reality, or conceptualize a new logo. No design project is beyond or beneath our capabilities. From simple business cards or stationery sets to full color catalogs or presentation packages, BHPC can handle it.

Our designer is not just knowledgeable but savvy in most major design applications allowing him full flexibility in gaining just the right impact from a design. His previous production level experience gives him an edge over other designers in that he can allow for technical production issues as a design is created.

In an ideal world any computer file would be perfectly useable for print. Sadly however in the real world this is not the case. Many customer supplied files come to us that are not print-ready. While many applications allow one to generate a file that prints great to a desktop printer, the printing process is a different beast altogether and requires special handling that not all software can manage. Special care needs to be taken to get the proper results on a printing press. BHPC has a lot of experience repairing or completely rebuilding customer supplied files so the end product looks the way you want it to.

We are more than happy to sit down with you and explore options for your particular project. There is a great diversity in inks, paper, finishing, and printing processes that can make or break a printed piece. We can help you design the perfect printed piece for your application(s).

BHPC was an authorized Adobe Print Service Provider until the program's termination by Adobe in February 2010. BHPC still adhears to the same guidelines and practices with regard to support and handling of current versions of Adobe graphics software and maintains a deep working knowledge of their function, quirks, and limitations.