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Presentation Folders

A presentation folder normally acts as the wrapper for your sales & marketing materials. However there are many other roles presentation folders play. Whether you‘re using your presentation folder simply to keep your proposal for a client neat and tidy, using it as a job jacket for inter-office filing, or just want it to make a big impression on a new potential client we can make it happen. BHPC can assist you in creating the right folder for you; from a simple blank folder to complex multi-panel full color foil embossed marketing piece that will ‘knock their socks off’.

  • Standard 9"x12" double pocket
  • Pocket size 4"x9"
  • Custom sized Folders available
  • 3 Panel/3 Pocket
  • Folders with integrated brochures

Are you thinking about a presentation folder for marketing purposes? Have you considered what will be inside yet? If you offer a number of products and or services then you might consider a staggered sales or product sheets.

Staggered product sheets are trimmed so that they form stairstepped 'tabs' with the back sheet being the longest and the front sheet being the shortest. The staggered sheets inside of a presentation folder offer a seldom used marketing appearance that may work well in your specific market segment.