Company History

BHPC opened its doors December 1, 1971 as a one man shop in a 2,000 square foot building on Blossom Hill Road near Snell. It added the first employee in mid ‘72 and continued to grow. In the late 70's BHPC was one of the first printing shops in the region to invest in phototypesetting equipment, an early precursor to desktop publishing that was very advanced for the time. As computers hit the main stream and desktop publishing came into existence BHPC stayed on the cutting edge of technology by continuously investing in the latest digital graphic design equipment to stay a step ahead of our competitors. During 1988 BHPC moved into a new facility of 4,800 square feet with a staff of 9 that allowed BHPC to not only expand its sales, but also to become more efficient. As technology in the digital publishing and print production fields advanced rapidly during the 90's BHPC adapted and changed with them. In the mid 90's BHPC stepped up print production dramatically by leveraging against our high-tech graphic department and moving to direct-to-plate imaging. In late 2006, in response to industry & technology changes along with our clients needs, BHPC shed its aging production plant and went virtual. BHPC is now an internet and sales team based print solution provider. The owner, Dave Faris, had a well rounded journeyman knowledge of printing as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from San Jose State before starting BHPC.

What’s with the moose? The image of the moose shown above is an unoffical mascot of BHPC. The six foot tall moose, painted by hand high on a wall in our original facility in the late 70’s, watched over our production bay. The moose was featured on several BHPC promotional calendars during the late 70’s and early 80’s.